Visible - Patricia Robinson - Solo Exhibition
Opening Reception: April 15th, 2017
Exhibition Run: April 15 - May 6th


Artist, technologist and medical scholar Patricia Robison elegantly unveils opaque and often obfuscated data sets of relevant socio-economic issues and significant discrepancies in America such accessibility to arts and science programs on a national public scale; wage gaps in relation to gender and race; women’s health; and real time environmental health data. This work will be displayed as interactive projected works of data visualizations, 3D printed sculptures from generative art pieces, web-based art, and data sonification.


Patricia uses data and software as expressive and informational art. Her work often aims to create civic and social empowerment via open-source audio and visual design. Generative software and data technologies are her main mediums but she often works with various other media including: drawing, installations, immersion, objects, performances, and prints.

Robinson’s visuals, prints, and installations have been shown throughout the Bay Area. She holds a BA in Native American Studies from Humboldt State University and is currently working on her Masters in Computer Science at Stanford University. Professionally she is a Nurse and Studio Artist. 

Her most recent projects involve specializing in interactive visual design and development at Stanford School of Medicine. The main goal as with most of her work is to reveal something unexpected and typically unseen. Her work provides a sense of scale and scope of awareness to disease and the experience of being human. It aims to better understand and be more deeply involved in the complexities of the world both within and all around us.