Produced by B4BEL4B Gallery and presented at Gray Area Arts + Technology, VITAL HYBRIDS is a showcase of collaborative works by local Bay Area and LA based women and queer artists bridging visual arts, performance, and technology. These works, developed over the past 6 months, tackle important national and global issues such as women’s and transgender rights, visibility, and safety; fighting actively against xenophobia, and safety around bodies that are seen as "other" by exploring post-digital and post-gender identity, safely online and offline, anti-harassment, sousveillance, and more.


Featured Artists and Projects: 


Anna Luisa Petrisko and Micaela Tobin

with Video Artist Miko Revereza & Artistic Consultant Caitlin Adams

BODY SHIP  is an experimental sci-fi opera that explores the physical and spiritual weight of colonialism through multiple dimensions of time and space. BODY SHIP is created by musician & performance artist Anna Luisa Petrisko (Jeepneys) in collaboration with composer/performer Micaela Tobin (White Boy Scream) and video artist Miko Revereza. As a healing rite, two sisters turn their bodies into spaceships and travel along Ferdinand Magellen’s route to the Philippines, reconfigured onto the cosmos. In preparation, they create rituals to decorrupt the spirit, sing songs to reinhabit the body, and perform exercises to unconquer the mind. BODY SHIP premiered at REDCAT's New Original Works Festival in July 2016 and was performed on opening night of OUTsider Festival 2017.



How to Build A Body

Jules Litman Cleper with Dance Collaborators: Frank Forner, Brittany St. John Newell, Silk Worm; 8-Channel Sound Composition by Hystex

How to Build A Body is a movement and mixed-reality performance piece enacting the process of representing "body" and body-movement through computational media. Using data from the Kinect, webcams and cell-phone gyroscopes the performers, in collaboration with evolution and evolutionary algorithms, will attempt to generate a hybrid body that learns its own motility in real time. The title of the piece echoes the paper “How to Grow a Mind: Statistics, Structure, and Abstraction” (Joshua B. Tenenbaum, et al 2011). The piece critics the disembodying ethos with which we often approach the question of "intelligence." Yet, it exposes the grotesque beauty of scientific visualization and calls attention to representations of tracking motion,  offering a unique portrait of the generative potential in symbiosis with computational media.


Kim Ip Photo.jpg

Steep in Here

Kim Ip and Pseuda

"Steep in Here" seeks to dismantle the semiotics and stigma that is attached to the erotically embodied womxn and femme-identifying individual. This phrase, "erotically embodied" is a conflagration of the vulnerable, sultry, sensual, aggressive, and ultimately complex ways in which a womxn is (and isn't) allowed to express herself. The seed of the piece is rooted in the video vixen, the visual muse, and the one who sacrifices her vulnerability and safety to experience the freedom of *erotic* embodiment. *Erotic*, as defined by Audre Lorde, is "a measure between the beginnings of our sense of self and the chaos of our strongest feelings. It is an internal sense of satisfaction to which, once we have experienced it, we know we can aspire." This process has been a exploration of the ways in which our bodies have found sensation, pleasure, and power in our own bodies reminding us of the agency we have in our embodiment. This piece serves as a declaration that movement belongs to ourselves and not the eye of the beholder. 




Atley Loughridge and Jaq Dalziel

"Davina" uses VR to analyze emotional systems within the context of Davina's relationship with their mother. The player (performed by Jaq Dalziel) accompanies Davina in a heightened psychological moment of their life. By orienting lenses, the player decides how Davina views their mother, and if it's the right time to reach out.


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Open Perform

Lauren Bedal and Travis Bennett

Open Perform is a real-time, Web-GL performance framework; built from the ground up to enable the direct expression of movement in a fully realized 3d universe. This gives dancers, actors, and other creative performers the freedom to explore themes, concepts, and perspectives from any place, at any angle, with any and all visual flourish.


Featuring Music and Video Work by: 

Cali Rose (nintento.ds)

Cali Rose is a 25 year old twoc originally from Southern California now based in Oakland, CA. She is one of the co-founders of New World Dysorder, an all femme/poc/queer DJ and party collective. She has been djing for about 2 years now and has begun producing music using various genres of music and samples. 

Laneya Billingsley

Laneya Billingsley, a bay area native, is a video artist whose work comments on the inner and outer self/selves. Our desires. Our emptiness. our wholeness. Our awareness. Our slumber. A spiritual like navigation through the world(s) we live in.