B4BEL4B nurtures a diverse community of artists/designers, community organizers, creative technologists, writers and ecologists. Participants have access to the space, shared desks and the gallery to prototype works. Participants usually engage with B4BEL4B’s different groups and take some leadership in managing the space and programming. We are a small community of makers fiercely dedicated to improving and promoting each other’s work, as well as actively collaborating on and presenting works from the Oakland artist and activist community.

Community x Projects:


Tiare Ribeaux : Tiare Ribeaux is the founder and creative director of B4BEL4B Gallery. She has been a Bay Area based curator and producer of new media arts exhibitions and events focused on radical inclusivity, critical and cultural dialogue for over 5 years. She is a Hawaiian-American new media artist whose work explores the entanglements of human technologies and infrastructures with mythologies, the environment, and non-human species. She is interested in living systems, deep/dark/media ecology, rhizomatic networks, speculative futures, multi-species and collaborative entanglements.


Delta Ark : Delta_Ark creates solarpunk installations for groups that adopt solidarity economy principles. Delta_Ark interviews group members and scrapes social data, then remixes this information into poetic prose that is displayed alongside a custom-built animated logo. These site-situated literature-heavy logos inform outsiders about the group's identity and values while also providing a description of what it is like to engage with their cutting edge social and political practices.


Surabhi Saraf : Surabhi Saraf is a media artist, composer, and performer based in San Francisco. Surabhi has performed solo at Thessaloniki Contemporary Art Biennial, Greece, Currents International New Media Festival, Santa Fe, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, SF and Max Mueller Bhavan Goethe Institut, Mumbai & New Delhi among others. Her collaborative work has been performed at NETMAGE 10 International Live Media Festival, Bologna, Soundwave Biennial ((5)), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.


Xiaowei R. Wang : Xiaowei R. Wang is a designer, developer and dreamer. Currently: filming a sci-fi documentary on tech in China (working title Shenzhen2020), working on some Sinofuture food recipes, serve as the Creative Director at Logic Magazine, occasionally contribute to Radii China, and getting a PhD at UC Berkeley where she is part of the NSF's Environment and Society: Data Science for the 21st Century Research Traineeship.


Anum Awan is a designer + artist + organizer hybrid blending the past and the future to (re)imagine alternative narratives through art and events. Recently, she has been creating mixed reality installations based on themes in my life such as nostalgia, queerness, and immigrant identity. She grew up in Pakistan and moved to the United States in 2008. She holds a Masters in Interaction Design from California College of the Arts and a BFA in Graphic Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. 


j no.e parker is interested in creating integrative works that form new pathways between visual art, sound, music, science, and technology.  As an artist/member of an increasingly globalized community, Parker’s work addresses issues such as pollution and environmental sustainability from a localized perspective. no.e achieves this by aestheticizing/re-contextualizing phenomena normally overlooked/taken for granted:  offering alternative perspectives for her audiences. A doctor of Digital Music Composition with concentration in data sonification, no.e is also a composer/performer of electronic music and Dj. Co-founding the San Francisco Bay Area’s SPaZ art and electronic music collective (1992), and  Autonomous Mutant Festival (1996), she has performed and published live electronic music as saKAnaDj sunflowrfish, and as part of the electronic music duos Planet Six and Actsyllabod. Parker earned her B.S. in Textiles and Apparel Design from Cornell University, and an M.F.A. in Digital Art/New Media at University of California, Santa Cruz.

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Deniz Tortum works in film and new media. He is a graduate of MIT Comparative Media Studies and has worked as a research assistant at the Open Documentary Lab. His first narrative film Zayiat (2013) premiered at SxSW. His latest film If Only There Were Peace (co-directed with Carmine Grimaldi, 2017) played at festivals including True/False FF and Sheffield Doc/Fest and awarded best short documentary at Dokufest. His virtual reality and video work has screened at Venice Film Festival and Sharjah Biennial Istanbul.


Dasha Ortenberg believes deeply in design’s ability to stimulate critical thought, highlight the weirdness of individuals, and reveal uncanny overlaps of (sub-)cultures. Her cross-scalar and cross-media approach to space is the result of a perpetual fascination with modes of human communication, collaboration, and cohabitation. Having emigrated from the Soviet Union as a child, she is driven by a deep gratitude to the United States for having provided the opportunity to pursue her passions and understand her heritage, and works to promote and propagate such opportunities for others. Dasha holds degrees in Art History and Linguistics (UC Berkeley), and Architecture (Harvard Graduate School of Design).


Don Hanson : Don Hanson is a new media artist in Oakland, California working between technology, design and creative coding. His work explores interactive aesthetics, live projection, glitch art and internet technology.


Kenny Myers : Kenny Myers is a self-taught Computer Digital Artist. He studies, researches and experiments with artwork. He works with 3D models, 3D animation, 3D rendering, Graphic Design, and Creative Web Design. He is also a Web Developer, and uses HTML, CSS and jQuery. He has been messing with some other programming for fun with javascript [three.js] and DOS batch files. He has been studying and exploring society and social psychology in the art world, and enjoys working with computers and meeting new people.