Migratory Paths: Traveling by Water, Land and New Terrains

November 17th - January 16th, 2018


Migratory Paths: Traveling by Water, Land and New Terrains was an exhibition that examined the effects of migration where old cities and social paradigms dissolve and new ones form with the causes rooted in political and capital centralized structures of control. The exhibition brought together creative works that documented contemporary and speculative migrations over water, land and social terrains, along with the precursors that trigger the need to migrate, presenting both the personal narratives that are being experienced as well as the macro narratives that exist. Curated by Joty Dhaliwal.

06DawnChorus Stills.png

Participating Works:

Sofia Cordova - dawn chorus i: LA PREKUELA_part1 (incomplete)

Shot in the woods of Western Finland, the deserts of New Mexico and the rainforest of Puerto Rico, and borrowing from texts such as the poetry of Julia de Burgos, the Kalevala, and Ursula K. LeGuin’s Earthsea cycle to build its narrative, this work shows the history of our planet in the next 500 years. This video serves as the prequel to the video and performance work Echoes of a Tumbling Throne (Odas al fin de los tiempos).

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Joty Dhaliwal - Traveling By Water

A video and sculpturally based work that seeks to question the politicized word “refugee” as one that conflates the multiplicity of identities that exist within a person. Four Syrians now living in Germany share their experiences, backgrounds and reflections on the word “refugee”.



Xiaowei Wang - Lux meridiani

Lux meridiani is a cartographic science fiction, built on existing data. By playing with thresholds in the geographical data and reorienting certain land use classifications, Lux meridiani takes the continuous exchange of invasive insects through global trade to imagine the emergence of a new, unknown species that infests street trees in urban areas with relentless luminescence.

In this fable, Lux meridiani explicitly states what has been happening all along; that the recoding of our environment has been an economic rather than ecological engine all along. Areas of land that have been categorically defined as "urban" through night time lights satellite images become even more "urban" as the result of this fictional glow worm, suggesting that now, more than ever, the ecological and spatial structure of cities are defined by economic flows.


zoe tarot .jpg

Zoe Sandoval - [ divinación en migración ]

[ divinación en migración ] is an ever-expanding oracle deck that shares personal narratives of migration through interactive future-now readings. Based on her father’s immigration from Venezuela to the United States, this deck shares intimate experiences of diaspora that are both idiosyncratic and familiar, inviting others to participate in ritualistic self-reflection.



Delta_Ark - The Light Atlas

The Light Atlas is a 40-Stanza light-projected poem about the Bay Area, detailing the takeover of the technology industry, its impact on housing as well as present and future displacement resistance. The Light Atlas is composed of remixed fragments of twitter, testimonies of eviction from the anti-eviction mapping project, excerpts of books, collaborations with bots, observations from protests and speculative narrative. It places control of technology at the front and center of the battle for the inclusive city.


September 55 - 1.png

Deniz Tortum with Cagri Hakan Zaman and Nil Tuzcu - September 1955

September 1955 is a 8-minute virtual-reality documentary of the Istanbul Pogrom, a government-initiated organized attack on the minorities of Istanbul on September 6-7, 1955. This interactive installation places the viewer in a reconstructed photography studio in the midst of the pogrum, allowing one to witness the events from the perspective of a local shop-owner.



Oliver Ressler - Emergency Turned Upside-Down

“Emergency Turned Upside-Down” is set within the tension that runs through social life right now: on one hand the vast imaginative potential of a borderless world, and on the other the petty prison of nationality and all the external, internal and social borders it entails. The film discusses borders performing their everyday function: managing, calibrating and governing global passages of people; dividing and “zoning” into different types of migrants and non-migrants who depend on the trickle of income squeezed from endless work. Borders configure the world, ensuring a supply of people “willing” to do any sort of work if the conditions are coercive enough. What no amount of razor wire promises is that those people will forgive or forget.



Zhan Wang - Lunar Economic Zone

The 2028 Mid August Day Lunar Mineral Parade is a speculative event which takes place in the newly formed Lunar Economic Zone, an administrative agglomeration of Shenzhen and the Moon, on August 15, 2028. Coordinated by Zhan Wang, the event is designed to be seen by the mechanical eyes of the world’s media and is an external projection of pomp and ceremony showcasing an emerging resource rich, technology advanced superpower. As the media frenzy descends on the city the world is invited to the grand parade that marks the first consignment of lunar minerals touching down on earth. The parade route takes spectators along the main axis of city from the 10000 meter tall space elevator to the mega ships of the world’s largest mineral port. As the world’s largest rare earth producer China currently controls 90% of the mineral market. Their recent limits placed upon mineral exports has artificially driven rare earth prices to unprecedented levels. Western nations are scrambling to find their own mineral deposits to counter the Chinese monopoly. Between documentary and fiction, between propaganda and news the Lunar ­­Economic Zone plays on our fears of a localized resource economy.



Gabriel Dunne and Tiare Ribeaux - Real Street View

Real Street View aims to illuminate street communities and homeless encampments that are present on the streets of Oakland and the greater Bay Area. Street View photography, captured by roaming autonomous vehicles utilized by mapping services such as Google and Apple, are commonly relied upon by their users to get a glimpse of the actual street in any given location. By comparing differences between the street photography obtained by these companies and the actual streets themselves when you visit them IRL, we see large discrepancies and extreme transformations taking place in our city — illustrated by movement, relocation, and growth of encampments which are not accurately captured and viewable in these mapping applications. Even if unintentional — it is a symptom of these technologies and their limitations as augmented realities.




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