Alise Anderson

Alise Anderson

Klanghaus Fashionhaus

Saturday, August 12th, 6-9pm


Barbara Guhl via Creative Growth 

Barbara Guhl via Creative Growth 

Fashionhaus was a playful exploration of the interactions between textiles and bodies, celebrating ways we choose to dress and express ourselves with movement, sound, colour, costume and texture; curated by Frances Fleetwood.

Using installation, sculpture, performance, video, and claymation, Fashionhaus explored different interpretations of textiles, juxtaposing the tactility of the tangible textiles with newer media representations of textiles, and how each of these engages with the body. 

Featuring works by

Adele Varcoe

Virginia Broyles + Alex Crow

Alise Anderson

Isaac Cohen aka Cabbibo

Dani Robison

Jessie Wayburn

Sylvia Toy St Louis

Creative Growth Art Center artists Jackie Frank, Emily Dunster-Farey, Peter Salsman and John Hiltunen