Technology/Ecology Writers Workshop: 12/4, 7:00pm at B4BEL4B Gallery

New Media Critique Group, 12/11, 7:00pm at B4BEL4B Gallery

New Media Critique Group

The New Media Critique at B4BEL4B brings together diverse practitioners in art, technology and/or ecology, order to critically engage each other's projects and important issues in the field. The group deliberately attempts to negotiate with various forms of diversity and difference (class, race, gender, ability, etc.). The group directly addresses the fault lines of the urban/rural, the political/purely aesthetic, raw/trained and work/system. In this space, people explore: Video, Algorithmic Art, Robotics, AR, VR, XR, Installation, Sculpture, Software, Hardware, Architecture, Internet/Net Art, Critical Design, Performance, Sound Art, Bio-Art, Eco-Art, and the cross-pollination of these fields. This group is run by Delta_Ark, Tiare Ribeaux, and Surabhi Saraf.

Interventions/Interfaces Group

The interfaces/interventions group does street projection every month, leaving from B4bel4b and hitting important sites and walls in nearby Oakland. Delta_Ark and Donald Hanson organize. Roles include: projectionist, photographer, hype-person and security. Delta_Ark and Donald Hanson maintain an open list of those interested in street projection in the bay area, those who possess the equipment to do so and a google map of hittable walls in Oakland and SF. Periodically, the squad investigates AR installations, spontaneous AV sets in the street and other forms of digital guerilla intervention. Various other topics of interest include: civic/urban data (and visualization), city as 4-dimensional canvas, urban attentional choreography, ad-jamming and guerilla parties ;)

Habitations/Expeditions Group

The habitations/expeditions group organizes trips by car and boat to do environmental surveys and biological sampling. These surveys and samples are often recorded and/or incorporated into outdoor works by the participating artists; otherwise, sculptures/installations/robotics are created inside the gallery and then brough out to and incorporated with nature. The group also creates forms of nomadic, temporary or swarm-like habitation (often through sail-boat raft-ups). The group also has members that have built custom ecological architecture (a drone sail-boat, a floating island). The group has recently been exploring the delta north of San Francisco, through a series of dingy and sail boat trips. Most expeditions are documented in video, and sometimes become video-projects in their own right. The group is run by Max Schwartz, Tiare Ribeaux and Delta_Ark,.

Technology/Ecology Writer's Workshop

The technology/ecology writer's workshop at B4BEL4B hosts writers that write 'about' technology/ecology and/or writers that 'use' technology and/or ecology in order to render their texts. Writers have been poets, journalists, novelists and academics who have critically engaged with landscape and/or technology, exploring themes like utopia/dystopia, surveillance, bio-technology, eviction and displacement, 4th industrial revolution, urban/rural divide, climate change, decolonization, etc. Writers have created bots, used natural language processing, machine-learning, hi-jacked google translate, followed the migration paths of animals, done analysis on population genetics, gone on scientific voyages, etc. The workshop is a territory for both thematic and formal exploration of the interconnections between the land and technology. This group is run by Delta_Ark and Xiaowei R. Wang.

Visualists Show and Tell

The visualists show and tell group is a monthly gathering of people making visuals for performance. The aim of the group is to share knowledge, techniques and experience, because everyone approaches creating visuals in their own way. The group is mainly for VJs making images using computers, but it is open to all forms of image making. The format includes introductions, sharing of projects and feedback. Some nights will feature a longer skill-share workshop.