Experimental Audiovisual Series

August 22nd, 6-10pm


B4BEL4B presents an audiovisual music series featuring ARIADNE, an experimental sacred audio & video duo from NYC, interspersing the ritualism of ancient spirituality and the secular iconography of the postmodern through intricate musical compositions, striking digital visuals, and captivating live performances.

Other local audiovisual acts include: VIO, Casey Chisholm, and Sea of Dogs

6pm - 10pm, $10 at the door







C Y A N O V I S I O N S  Fundraising Party

September 1st, 6-10pm

B4BEL4B is hosting a fundraising Party for Cyanovisions, a short film that explores harmful algae blooms of cyanobacteria and their entanglements with humans, the environment, climate change, experiments in gene editing and more. It blurs the line between science fact and science fiction, speculating on more symbiotic and slimy futures. 
It’s a collaborative project led by Tiare Ribeaux with filmmaker Jody Stillwater that will cross geographies and artistic disciplines, where will work with local artists in the Bay Area and potentially artists from Ukraine. It's going to be elegant and mutant, thrilling and subversive, visually engaging, genre and gender-bending, very cinematic, and fun!

We’re creating an immersive experience to welcome you into the world of the Cyanocene:::

Cyanovisions Fundraising Party - September 1st, 6-10pm
$15 presale donation via:
$20 at the door

- Cyano-hosts Jader, Pseuda, and Sabrina dressed in mutant slimy looks
- A Performance by Jillian Gnarling
- An unveiling of a cyanobacteria bioreactor
- 3D Prints and some costumes in-process for the film
- Slime party favors with help from Cara Rose de Fabio
- Immersive Cyano decor and more!

Come in a look that’s green / slimy / mutant / algae / aqua if you feel inspired