BodyShift: Transgress Finale

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

As part of our Emergent Media Lab series, we hosted the finale of TRANSGRESS, a live performance installation trio consisting of Zoey Vero (visuals), Zen Cohen (sound), and Colton Long (performer).

For their 4th and final installment, TRANSGRESS was a journey through the notions of perceived gender glitches and an evolution of identity in past, present, and future. By using live sound, cameras, and projections the piece explored the chaotic dissociation and experiential discomfort set against the expectations of a binary world based on representations, stereotypes, and ideals. Alternatively, identity is fluid and constantly transforming, and as we advance our understanding, we advance into our own world of digital bodies. 

This evening featured performance works by Denise Benavides, Juliana Delgado Lopera and Sebastian Hernandez.

Performance excerpt from Sebastian Hernandez

Performance excerpt from Sebastian Hernandez