BODY LOBBY - June 4th - July 20th

A Group Art Exhibition featuring Loren Kronemyer, Lix Last, and Chloe Tine.

Body Lobby was the result of the collaboration between Australian artists Loren KronemyerAlex Last, and Chloe Tine. Concepts and images were designed over national and international borders using online drives, chat rooms and live video relay. Initial discussions highlighted a shared interest in contemporary notions of 'wellness' as they are defined and re-appropriated within competing culture-industries. They compiled a virtual library of audio, video and text-based documents derived from the aesthetic output of these industries and then, over the course of several weeks, used the contents of this library as the raw materials for a series of new works.  The work displayed included large-format digital prints, 2" buttons, and the creation of a Lobby within the gallery itself.