B4BEL4B is an artist-run gallery and community space for new media and transdisciplinary art with an emphasis on diversity, social engagement and network culture. Our arts program prioritizes women, non-binary, poc, and critically underrepresented groups in technology and media art spaces. We engage communities through a rotating calendar of exhibitions, events, groups, and workshops.


B4BEL4B is rooted in community, experiment and process. We host artist groups where people create and discuss artworks in process, writing, local ecology, and venture into the wild - join one of our groups where real people meet IRL: B4BEL4B Groups

CYANOVISIONS Short Film + Multimedia Project - Ongoing

CYANOVISIONS Short Film + Multimedia Project - Ongoing

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B4BEL4B is a community-run space and we depend on donations and small grants to survive. Please consider becoming a patron via Patreon or making a one time donation.


Address: 184 10th Street, Oakland, CA 94607

B4BEL4B is a member of the Intersection Incubator, a program of Intersection for the Arts


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