B4BEL4B Takeover + Fundraiser

Starline Social Club

2236 Martin Luther King Junior Way, Oakland, CA

April 22nd, 7pm - 2am


B4BEL4B is taking over 2 levesl of the Starline Social Club for a Fundraiser featuring an exciting multidisciplinary showcase of local performance artists, music, dancers, fashion, avant drag, and video installations! This night represents B4BEL4B’s unique curation and the diverse and vibrant Oakland artist community they foster. This fundraiser is to help keep B4BEL4B Gallery alive as a vital arts venue during the rapidly changing climate in Oakland — as they meet with new challenges, and as artist-run spaces become endangered.

By contributing to this fundraiser, you can help ensure that this unique and dynamic artist space and community has the needed resources to continue to provide an inclusive and radical platform to create and present work for years to come!

Performances in the Ballroom by: 

Lady Fair Cigarettes (Tyler Holmes and Vain Hein)
VVD WNDWS (previously PINE) 
SirJoQ & The House of Prolific
the Girls of HOEisLIFE (Fíera!, Dávia, Clark & Iman)

DJ Sets by: 
Jasmine Infiniti

Looks by: 
GenEric X JeanEric
Molten Holten

Master of Ceremonies: 

DJ Sets in the Side Room/Downstairs by: 
Russell E.L. Butler
Jason Stinnett
Jason Sole

Hosted by: 
222.POP (Scorpion Warrior, Bbybangz, Maya Songbird, Cherie Magdalene)

FlamingoStrut (w/ j shelley harrison, Micah Morris, Ambreezy)

Video Art by: 
Indigo Tidd
Devon Makoto Lei
Jeffrey Bryant

Tickets available at: https://tinyurl.com/kao7t5g

Since 2014, B4BEL4B has been a space that gives precedence to under-served voices, new media, innovative artistic practices, and community. They are passionate and committed to presenting experimental art experiences, challenging perceptions, creating a space for critical dialogue, and supporting radically-inclusive ideologies. They’ve also strive to provide a safe space for LGBTQI2-S communities.

Donating to the B4BEL4B Fundraiser will help with needed infrastructural improvements, the rising cost of operations in Oakland, and providing artists with valuable resources and paying artists the fees they deserve.

If you want to make a tax deductible donation but not attend the event, please visit: www.b4bel4b.com/donate